RSC trains at Royal Russell School, Coombe Lane CR9 5BX (previously at Monks Hill Sports Centre, Selsdon).

The Club is known for its 'fun family' environment and the RSC spirit is envied across the country. This spirit was demonstrated by current and ex members as they all celebrated it's 30th anniversary in true ROCK STEADY STYLE in 2014!

The coaching and administration of the club is run on a voluntary basis. The club owns and trains on competition standard trampolines with full end matting. Children are coached to the highest standards by British Gymnastic qualified coaches, some of whom are current or former top competitors. RSC is also active federation organising members, assisting with divisional & national events.

The club has been very successful for its size on the national trampoline competition circuit over the years, and has had a number of members involved in the Great Britain Youth Team, the National Squad and the England Team.  It also recognises the need to cater for children who are new to the sport and caters for this.  Members progress through various graded competitions, into a Competition Squad, training up to 6 hours a week.  RSC regularly attends competitions around the country, although novice events tend to be local.

Interested in joining RSC?

We take new members between the ages of 6 & 12 and will always be interested in seeing anyone who is already experienced in competitions and looking to join the Competition Squad.

If you are interested in finding out more about joining RSC, please contact the club coach Lindsay Hedmann at