Regional Grading at Gillingham - July 2014

Posted by Cindy Hedmann on Sunday, July 6, 2014 Under: Competition
Alex H won the U19M (Grade F) with two great routines and achieved promotion to grade E as well. Megan was also a strong winner of the U/19 (D) and also achieved the promotion score up to grade C.  Annabel gained the bronze medal in the U/15 (D) using a new routine and Jemma was our other qualifier in the U15 (F) achieving promotion to grade E. We had a few near misses from promotion; Carlie missed out by 0.4, Katherine by 0.6, Nayna 0.8 and Amelia competing against much older girls, also put in a fine performance.
Ralph (U15 C) & Lydia (19+ C) both also won their groups by virtue of being the only non-national competitors in the region qualified to compete at this level. Our other medalists were the U15 Girls grade F team (Zina, Georgia, Chloe, & Jemma) who all competed very well in a tough team to event to snatch the silver medal.
It was great to see Nolly, Beth and Annabel all including a 1.5 twisting Front sommie (Rudi) in their routines for the first time.
So all in all a great day for RSC and just reward for all your hard work in recent weeks. Many congratulations team - on a great job; well done.

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