Rosie Qualifies for National Finals at Wales Gala

Posted by Cindy Hedmann on Monday, April 27, 2009

The Wales Trampoline Gala event was held at the National Sports Centre Cardiff this weekend.

Congratulations to Rosie who completed 2 high quality routines to finish 18th in the large National C group and secure her place at the National Finals to be held in Birmingham in July.  Congratulations also to Lydia who scored enough to retain her place at the National C grade for next season.  It was hard luck for Cheynne, who at age 10 is 4 years (and a lot smaller) than the majority of the competitors in the U15 National C section.  Cheynne put in a good performance with 2 good routines, however moves down to Regional D for the next event.

In the FIG B Seniors. Katie led the way once again qualifying for National finals for the 3rd time this season, in 6th place, to finish 8th after the finals.  Carolyne was desperately unlucky having got to the last move of the 2nd routine and looking all set for Nationals qualification, made a small error with a large penalty - so close!  Juliette, was nervously trying a new routine which didn't go so well on the day, but she does have the consolation of already having qualified for National finals.

Kia competed in the FIG A section against girls who are not only the best in the UK, but regularly challenge in international events.  Kia put in a very solid performance, and was unlucky not to qualify for the FIG A National finals, however she has already qualified fro FIG B, ensuring that once again RSC will have a team at the National finals.  Well done all.

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