RSC Birthday Competition - May 2009

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RSC held its 25th Birthday competition this weekend and once again welcomed guest trampolinists from Beckenham Fliers & Tolworth.  The comp ran really smoothly, and a big thank you to everyone who helped on the day to ensure that it was a success, especially to Janie who judged - despite due to have her second child in only 3 weeks time.

Well done to Alex Edwards who won the Junior event for the first time with Sophie Turner Flynn in 2nd place and Andrew Peacock in 3rd.  Carlie won a close fought Novice event with last year's winner Keira in 2nd place, and a fantastic result for Laura's young son Josh in 3rd place using 2 improvised routines.

Despite a mistake at the end of her second round, Kia did enough to retain the Senior trophy with Carolyne in 2nd and Katie in 3rd (both girls had the same 1st & 2nd round style marks but Carolyne's tariff was slightly higher).

Rosh of BFTC won the guest event, with Nic (BFTC) in 2nd and Christy (Tolworth) in 3rd.

Carolyne completed her new voluntary routine twice more to make the final of the David March Memorial competition making up for the disappointment of the previous week.  Alex had 2 solid routines to take the other final spot.  Despite having the harder routine (no credit for difficulty remember) Carolyne held her nerve to complete the tricky voluntary for one final time to score a resounding victory.  David's mum Marina turned up to present the trophy and also donated a prize to go with the trophy, as well as making a donation into the club funds; many thanks Marina, your generosity and continued support of our club is very much appreciated.

The competition was followed by a very enjoyable session of bowling (enjoyable apart from my score, which was handicapped by Lydia to be fair), and a well earned meal. 

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