RSC Leotard

RSC has an official club leotard which changes over the seasons (roughly every two years).  Club members competing at regional grading competitions are expected to compete in the club leotard.    Club members competing at H and I competitions can also purchase and compete in the club leotard but can also compete in their own leotard or shorts and a tshirt for boys.  All competitors must have short white ankle socks (trainer type socks are best).  The boys need whites at regional and national level and again can have them for H & I level.

There are boys and girls club leotards and anyone who would like to order one should speak to Katie Law who will order directly with the lady who makes them.

Boys Whites

Boys wear long trampolining trousers with the leotard and these can be purchased in various colours.  The cheapest place to order that we have found is online at the websit below.*

RSC Tracksuits

We have found a new supplier for RSC tracksuits and they are much cheaper than the previous ones and can be ordered individually.  They will be similar colours and style to the existing ones with royal blue top and navy bottoms.

Details and prices are below

There are also often second hand tracksuits available and suggested price (if in good condition) for these are £25 for the top and £15 for the bottoms) - please speak to Cindy if you are interested in a second hand tracksuit or have one for sale.

New RSC Training and Competition Kit

We now have a range of RSC kit both for training and for competition.  Competition kit is royal blue to fit in with the tracksuits and the training kit has the RSC logo on but is available in a range of colours. This is available to order individually and all the details and order form and on the rsc flyer below and can be ordered direct with Total Teawear UK. 


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